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How will my child benefit from playgroup?
Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers do much of their learning and developing through play. Playgroup gives children the chance to practice problem-solving, physical and social skills. 

Most importantly they have fun and make friends!  

How will I benefit from playgroup?
Playgroup gives parents and caregivers the chance to meet other local parents with children of a similar age, who are going through similar experiences. It’s a weekly catch up and coffee in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Don’t forget, though, that it may take some time for you and your child to settle in - it’s a new environment and it can take a few weeks to remember everyone’s name and establish a connection. 

Do I stay at playgroup with my child?
Yes. You’re responsible for supervising your children at playgroup, and hopefully you’ll enjoy playgroup too!

What happens at playgroup?
Someone from your group unlocks the hall and storeroom, turning on the lights and heating / air-conditioning. As people arrive, they may set up toys, an activity and the tables and chairs. About 10 minutes before the end of your session, everyone packs up. 

Though most people stay for the full 2 hours, it’s fine for people to arrive late or leave early – everyone has kids and understands flexibility is important!

What's expected of me at playgroup?
We ask all our members to;
* Welcome new people and help them settle in     

* Attend one toy wash night                                                                                                    
* Help out their Group Leader and in their groups as needed

On becoming a member of Roslyn Playgroup you are agreeing to contribute to your session by maintaining a safe environment, keeping an eye on the children, setting up and packing up toys. The Group Leader might also ask you to help with small things to help run the group.

As a community group, members also contribute to playgroup as a whole. Everyone is expected to attend at least one toy wash night (held towards the end of term) and help with fundraising and events. 
All in all, your overall contribution to playgroup and your session shouldn’t take up too much time (only averaging a couple of hours each term or less). 

How and when do I pay fees?
You have to pay your fees when you complete the online booking. You spot is not confirmed until you have completed the booking and paid your fee.

What's provided by playgroup? What should I bring?
Roslyn Playgroup provides toys, art & craft supplies, cups & plates, tea & coffee and cleaning supplies.

You should bring what you'd usually take if you were going out for a couple of hours. Bring your children’s own drink bottles if they’re not using open cups. Don’t forget a hat for outdoor play.

Are all of the sessions the same?
Each session is basically the same, though there are usually small differences depending on the members in that session. Some choose to do an organised activity every week, or only occasionally, or not at all. 

What age do children start playgroup?
Roslyn Playgroup is for children aged 0 – 5 years.

Is playgroup on every week?
Every week during school terms. We close during school and public holidays

The session I want is full, what should I do?
You could consider another session, or add your name to a waiting list and we’ll contact you when a spot becomes available in your preferred session. Otherwise there are lots of other great playgroups in Geelong. Check the Playgroup Victoria website for listings.

Who runs playgroup?
Playgroup is run by a volunteer committee of playgroup parents. You can find out more about the committee below.

One parent from each session is the Group Coordinator, which also means they're on the committee. They are usually responsible for the administration of the session, such as collecting membership fees, though all group members are expected to help.

Members in each group may also be given some responsibility for running their session, such as being part of a roster to bring morning tea or unlocking or locking up the hall.

How is Roslyn Playgroup funded?
Roslyn Playgroup is a not-for-profit community organisation funded through membership fees and fundraising.   Membership fees primarily cover basic running costs such as hall rental and tea & coffee supplies. Fundraising money goes towards special events such as the Easter egg hunt and Christmas party.


Roslyn Playgroup Committee

Roslyn Playgroup is run on behalf of the members by a volunteer committee of playgroup parents.

Committee positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting in January each year. All members are eligible to be elected to the Committee.

The Committee comprises of the Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer, Events Officer, Fundraising Officer, Promotion Officer, Arts & Activities Officer and a Group Leader from each session.

They meet four times a year in the last week of each term. 

As a small thank you for their commitment, Committee Members don't pay Roslyn Playgroup membership fees.

Membership fees and the insurance fees are waived for the Coordinator, Secretary, Membership Officer and Treasurer.

If you're interested in joining the com
mittee, talk to a current committee member.  

You can always contact the committee by talking to your Group Leader or by emailing

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